What is a Green Michelada??

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A michelada is a popular alcoholic drink in Mexico that people love because it combines all their favorite flavors. The ingredients include beer, lime juice, tomato juice and chile peppers that are served chilled with salt on the rim of the glass for an added taste sensation. There are many variations throughout Mexico including one called “La Mexicana” which includes Worcestershire sauce while “El Diablito Picante” has Tabasco Sauce!

This serves as a simple warning to anybody hoping for a nice cold, spicy TOMATO-based michelada from Si Señor, a fantastico restaurant in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  They are amazing!!  However, make sure you don’t ask for a “michelada.”  Ask for a “RED BEER.”  If in fact, you stumble in as a total foreigner to this great place, know that if you do order a michelada, you will be served a “GREEN MICHALADA.”  What’s this??  For the noobs out there, a Green Michelada switches out the spicy tomato juice for tomatillo, cucumber juice and PINEAPPLE.  If you are a fan of margharitas and beer, this may be a winner for you.

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